In the Hall

In the Hall (2008)

To listen on YouTube, click here. It’s free and accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection, which you can find nearly anywhere these days.

To download In the Hall directly, please purchase the music for $10. You could then hear it on your smartphone no matter where you are. Your contribution will go towards supporting my new album, Between Continents, to be released in January 2016. You can listen to my two singles, “Bad Theology” and “Bumble Beebop,” to get an idea of what that new album may sound like. It’s completely different than In the Hall, but will be well worth the wait.

Seven years ago, the Birdcatchers released In the Hall, a collage of classical arrangements, jazz, and pop music adaptations delivered to entertain and engage the common listener. They were my first real band, and we went way beyond the garage variety. We weren’t interested in snob reproductions or academic versions of the real thing: we wanted good fun music, plain and simple.

Since then, the members of the band all went their separate directions, like so many do. It started with me leaving Tulsa to pursue graduate studies. Pianist Jamelle Houston finished at Oral Roberts University (ORU) and moved to Los Angeles, where he works as a music director at his church. He boasts a blossoming career as a solo artist in gospel music, releasing his solo EP The Journey in 2013. Drummer Joel wood continued to play in Tulsa with various groups before moving to New Jersey to study for a Masters of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary. Bassist Wes Atkinson resides in Tulsa where he works as a high school band director. He continues to contribute musically at his local church and participates in the ORU pep band.

Even with all the changes that have occurred in our lives, that album brought us together in a way that will last for as long as there is culture and an interest in the arts. As I continue to build my music career, I wanted to share In the Hall online so that as many people who want to hear it can access the music. This album is dedicated to the parents and educators who have poured their time, prayers, and energy in the lives of these musicians.

Thank you for supporting independent artists on their way up! –JH


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