A Time to Remember

The life you are living today will never come again. It is distinct, unique, and will certainly pass just like the sun will set tonight. One of my college buddies, Luke Ausdemore, died on Tuesday night while free diving for lobster in Mission Bay, San Diego. He was a academic year older than me at Oral Roberts U. and loved smooth jazz. We definitely connected on that level. He was always trying to get me to check out the latest Boney James album; we had numerous impromptu jam sessions in his dorm room- always groovy conversations between sax and djembe. I will remember Luke as an encourager, someone who always had a smile and never missed an opportunity to pick you up if you needed it. It’s to his credit that I am where I am today as a musician; he encouraged me to continue pursuing my dreams when I needed it most.

The loss of Luke reminds me to think of  two big themes.

#1- How do I want to be remembered when I’m gone

#2- Who do I have to be thankful to for helping me get to where I am today

It isn’t always easy to think in such broad terms. After all, life moves fast. Christmas is coming. The Chiefs are winning for once. Studies aren’t slowing down. Here, life in Spain is a daily discovery. Sometimes when we take a step back to consider the big puzzle pieces that define our lives it brings the color back into the grayscale moments of the present day. So while the sun is still up, why not take the time to remember someone who was an encouragement to you? Feel free to post on the wall here at my blog if you like, I’m eager to read about your diverse influences. Then consider how you want others to remember  you. As I pause to remember Luke’s full life this week, I remember each day is gift. He lived his 25 fast years to the full. Now that’s some encouragement to live on!

2 thoughts on “A Time to Remember”

  1. Beautiful write up about Luke, he was an incredible friend to me too. He was one that encouraged me – to live life like crazy!!! The last time I got to hang out with him, we went salsa dancing. They started playing some hip hop music and I was ready to sit down, but Luke of course kept dancing… and somehow I got him to do the most embarrassing dance move he could think of. He did it without hesitation. I should have known he’d ask me to do it too! I was self-conscious, I didn’t want people to think bad about me… but then with Luke’s relentless encouragement, I did some hideous dancing! And all eyes were on us the rest of the night, not because we were so great or anything, but because we were having so much fun and looking like idiots. Luke reminded me it’s not about what other people think -you gotta give your all at every moment! And that will make life more meaningful for you and then give other people the opportunity to show the true colors blazing from their heart! I’m thankful for the other countless people in my life who have encouraged me and shaped me, into being who I am today, doing what I love and loving people even more. (Thanks again, and see you soon Luke – save me a dance in that big celebration! I’m sure Jesus taught you some even cooler moves!)

    1. Luke’s dancing. No memories of Luke would be complete without a first-hand account of his legendary dance moves. Live life like crazy, like there’s no tomorrow. Sounds like something Luke would have done. Great story Stacey, thanks for sharing!

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