25 years of learning

Next week I turn twenty-five. Having 1/4 of a century behind me is significant, so I take a brief moment to reflect on what I have learned up to this point.

1. Think before you speak

2. Practice active listening

3. Don’t expect to master something overnight

4. Sleeping is essential, eating even more so

5. Fear of failure causes paralysis of the mind

6. There is no social unit like the family

7. Respect different cultures and strive to understand them

8. Inspiring people are outward-focused, not inward-focused

9. College degrees are worthless beyond what you make of them

10. The man who learns to hate his physical wealth will be loved by many

11. An artist is someone who finds a gift and uses it to connect with people

12. Sadly, wars still solve problems

13. Strong character should trump a phat resumé

14. Silence and reflection are close cousins to contentment and peace

15. Believing in your own dreams is completely different than having dreams

16. A smile can change everything

17. A thoughtful apology can mend many wrongs

18. Asking for directions is overrated as opposed to planning where you’re going ahead of time

19. You are the problem and you are the solution

20. If you can learn to love yourself, it will be much easier for others to love you

21. Old people almost always know more than you do, being old is a gift worth celebrating

22. Time moves much faster now

23. True love is supporting others, not leaning on others

24. The little things are more important than the big things

25. There’s no place like home

4 thoughts on “25 years of learning”

  1. Jake, i know i’m not the kinda guy to get super sentimental and all , but it’s been really different this fall not having you in this country. I know we probably wouldn’t have seen much of eachother anyway, but it’s these moments when you’re gone when i’m having flashbacks to the numerous rounds of home run derby we played, ping pong matches we dueled in, and the help you always gave when i needed it. Thanksgiving is not gonna be the same without you dude, and we’re all gonna miss you. You’re constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love you like a brother,

  2. these are all great jacob, however, time does NOT move faster now than it did before. there’s some criticism for ya…lol

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