26 things I am thankful for on my 26th birthday, 26 November 2011

1. Google and Facebook and Skype. Without them I am completely disconnected from my favorite people around the world.

2. ScubaPro Regulators. They give people gills!

3. A Government. For all their mistakes, they still beat anarchy. Now if we can just learn to compromise…

4. Selmer Saxophones and Rico Reeds. Enough said.

5. A €2.50 bottle of Bordeaux red wine. There is really nothing comparable for the price.

6. World class composers. Now if we could just find a few more who will actually write for saxophone.

7. Generous people. I gratefully rest upon the shoulders of those who came before me.

8. Religion. Take the best, leave the rest.

9. Family. Without them, what do we really have in life?

10. Airplanes. It used to take 4 months to get from New York to London.

11. the Summer. #freezinginBordeaux

12. Friends. A true one sticks closer than a brother.

13. Ping-pong. The ultimate test of bachelor dominance.

14. Willis Hallman. My great inspiration in life.

15. American Football. It’s addictive and a great excuse to get muddy on a rainy day.

16. Education. Without critical thinking, we would be a lost cause.

17. Passports. They are gateway passes to the whole world!

18. Courage. To travel. To dream. To love genuinely.

19. Fashion. It’s amazing the things we will wear to get noticed.

20. Books. Hemingway, Orwell, Twain.

21. iPad. That silly little tablet is changing the world.

22. Music. It keeps people sane, or pushes them over the edge. Either way it is icing on life’s cake.

23. Spices. Paprika, Cumin, Cinnamon. Now wonder they used to drive world economies. Now I must learn to cook with them.

24. Hot Showers. Never take this for granted. It’s a luxury.

25. Women. They either make me very happy or or very miserable. Usually both at once.

26. Life. It’s a gift and a responsibility. Use it!